Employee Services

All employees should feel comfortable and safe coming to work. Inclusive policies and practices send vital messages to all employees about their value as organizational members. A culture that includes employees from diverse backgrounds helps employers attract and retain a productive, creative, and innovative workforce. Failure to adopt LGBTQ-specific policies and practices can cost businesses in the form of higher turnover, decreased engagement and productivity, and potential litigation.

Referral Services

TransLucent Resources Advocates direct employees to LGBTQ-friendly mental health, legal, and medical providers customized by employee needs, location, insurance and Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) coverage.

Transgender Services

  • Navigate professional and social considerations
  • Locate state-by-state and document-by-document guidelines for changing name and gender marker
  • Develop a financial assessment plan that includes navigation and interpretation of complex benefit offerings and pre-authorization requirements
  • Develop personalized and detailed plans for transitioning including:
    • Referrals to transgender-specific counselors
    • Referrals to medical specialists
    • A timeline
    • A communication plan
    • Guidance to legal steps
    • Referrals to specialized attorneys
    • Financial support resources

Employer Services

TransLucent Resources provides recommendations of nondiscrimination policies and procedures for leadership and HR teams. We work with your HR team to develop best practices for inclusive workplaces, including: administrative and record keeping considerations, facilities and dress code suggestions, and communications policies. We offer webinars, collateral, and personalized consultation and will work with you to develop customized communication guidelines for both internal and external audiences. Our services are a cost-effective extension of your current HR Department and can help hire and retain high-quality employees.

Allies and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee-led groups organized based on shared characteristics that strengthen employee ties. These groups exist to provide a support network and to create a safe space for employees to be their authentic selves at work. Allies are coworkers who share this common interest who may also join to signal their support of their colleagues and this important workplace community. Our customer support team can advise employees wishing to start an LGBTQ Employee Resource Group (ERG) or provide best practices, guidance, and support to existing ERGs.