Navigating Social Implications of Transitioning

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Understanding Gender Identity Without Making Our Transgender Colleagues Uncomfortable
July 16, 2021
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Navigating Social Implications of Transitioning

Social impacts of transitioning

Telling friends and family that you are transitioning, unsure of their acceptance, can be one of the most stressful situations a transgender person faces. Fortunately, many people are becoming more open-minded, understanding, and accepting of people who make this decision.

As you prepare to tell others about your decision, understand that your situation is unique. While there are many resources available to you for support and guidance, only you will know the best timing and communications strategy for sharing the news. Some people choose to tell others before beginning their transition, some disclose after a particular event during their transition, and some choose not to disclose at all. What is important is that you disclose (or not) to whoever you want, at the times that you choose.

In addition to gaining support from family and friends, many transgender or non-binary people find it helpful to connect with others that have previously or are currently sharing those same experiences. A support network can help you feel less isolated and can answer questions you might have about next steps.

Keep in mind that your transition can have a positive impact on others, whether you directly recognize it or not. Transgender people that transition and share their experiences openly pave the way for future generations of transgender and non-binary youth to live better lives. It can also help others confront their biases, and educate and evolve into more accepting members of society. Throughout your transitioning process, you will face decisions about if, how, when, where, and to whom to disclose that you are transgender or non-binary. Always remember, you are on a journey that is unique to you. You, and only you, get to decide how to handle it.

TransLucent Resources assists employees with putting together a customized transition plan which will help with decisions and the associated planning for when, how, where, and to whom a transgender person chooses to come out.