Resources for an Evolving Workforce

46% of LGBTQ and 77% of transgender employees are not comfortable presenting their authentic selves at work, despite well-intentioned Diversity & Inclusion efforts.


Our Mission

The mission and purpose driving TransLucent Resources is to create workplaces where 100% of employees feel comfortable bringing their full identities to work every day.




LGBTQ-friendly mental health, medical and legal referrals for your employees and their dependents to get the help they need



Confidential employee planning sessions for coming out and/or transitioning, including financial, communications and timeline considerations


Employer Support

Recommendations for LGBTQ-friendly benefit offerings, inclusive best practices and policies, and strategies for addressing sensitive situations


25% of LGBTQ employees remain loyal to their inclusive employers for more than 5 years but 75% of LGBTQ employees are not loyal to their employers due to a non-inclusive work environment

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50% of LGBTQ and 87% of transgender employees remain closeted at work

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47% of transgender people have a college degree (compared with 35% of general population)

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Free Resources for an Inclusive Organization

Our blog posts about LGBTQ issues can be a great first step in learning about issues facing both employers and employees.




Facilitate open and honest dialogue



Champion for all employees



Confidential, unbiased support for employees and managers



Webinars, collateral and personalized consultation

Resources for Employers

TransLucent Resources helps employers address LGBTQ issues and develop a process to meet the needs of each situation. We provide tailored solutions to your workforce and personalized assistance to your employees.

Resources for Employees

Being yourself at work allows you to be a more successful employee. TransLucent Resources provides you with support and guidance to help you, no matter where you are in your journey.